UPDATE 5/14: Grand reopening! Send your secrets now!
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Note: Send us your secrets anonymously and we will publish them here on this page for the whole world to see.

We only request that the secrets be:
THREE LINES (not 3 sentences) in length and anonymous. In the case of having more secrets than we anticipate or having secrets longer than three lines, we will post them in the standard "Ask/Answered" way.

But please. Do not hesitate to send us your secrets.
-They do reach out to others-



I wanted to revive this account with a new look and title. We are now Your Shared Secrets previous to fxckyeahpostsecret. However, the same idea applies where you will send us your deepest secrets and we’ll publish them through an image and text.

I am very hopeful for this revival and will try my best to keep up with the messages. So make sure you follow our guidelines and SUBMIT NOW!

Send us your Secrets

Posted: May 25th